Kenworthy Leadership Award

The O. Franklin Kenworthy Award for Outstanding Leadership was established in memory of Franklin Kenworthy, a member of Signature Class 3 and a posthumous graduate of Class 3.

Every year since 1989, the Kenworthy Award for Outstanding Leadership has been presented to a Leadership Springfield Alumni, at the graduation ceremonies of the Signature Class.

 The recipient of this award is selected based on the following criteria:

  •              Commitment to Leadership Springfield
  •              Involvement in Community Service Activities
  •              Good Citizenship
  •              All current Leadership Springfield Members
  •              Outstanding Leadership Qualities
  •              High Moral and Ethical Standards

The recipient of the Kenworthy Leadership Award is selected by a committee.  The Leadership Springfield board president appoints the chair and three members of this committee in accordance with the policies and procedures approved by the board for selecting a recipient. 

The award consists of a commemoration to be given to the individual recipient and a plaque to be displayed in the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce offices, which lists all the Franklin Kenworthy Award for Outstanding Leadership recipients.

Alina Lehnert, Class 23
2018 Kenworthy Recipient

Past recipients of the Kenworthy Leadership Award

2017-Joe Page, Class 13

2016- David Hall, Class 21

2015- Scott Miller, Class 20
2014-Steve Gassel, Class 19
2013-John Gentry, Honorary Member
2012-John Horton, Class 18
2011-John Twitty, Class 8
2010-Jim Anderson, Class 4
2009-Jodie Adams, Class 19
2008-Greg Burris, Class 16
2007-Ann Marie Baker, Class 12
2006-Morey Mechlin, Class 9
2005-Brent Dunn, Class 12
2004-Mary Kay Ross, Class 10
2003-James Lewis, Class 8
2002-Mark Powell, Class 6
2001-Doug Jackson, Class 4
2000-O. Keran Lemons, Class 7
1999-Robert Helm, Class 3
1998-Tim Rosenbury, Class 3
1997-Jerry Harmison, Jr., Class 5
1996-Andy Montebello, Honorary Member
1995-Jami Peebles, Class 5
1994-Sally Hargis, Class 1
1993-Bob Barefield, Honorary Member
1992-Patti Stoner, Class 5
1991-Bob Menard, Class 2
1991-Louis Griesemer, Class 1
1990-Brian Fogle, Class 3
1989-Gerry Lee, Class 2