The mission of Leadership Springfield is to inspire, develop and connect leaders to serve the Springfield community.


Our target is to attract emerging leaders from the community, businesses, and professions who have established themselves as having leadership potential and have shown a concern for Springfield's future.

Our Vision

Leadership Springfield will . . . 

  • Create an enduring legacy via its dynamic network of graduates whose increased awareness and commitment to community service will serve as a catalyst to positively shape Springfield’s future,
  • Continue to develop and grow to equip its members to engage in effective and influential leadership within Springfield,
  • Develop the next generation of leaders for the Springfield metropolitan area,
  • Develop graduates who are more committed citizens of Springfield and better-rounded employees, managers, and leaders in the workplace and better able to serve the community in an informed manner through awareness, understanding, and action.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that significant positive change can be accomplished by a network of diverse leaders working together toward common goals.
  • We believe that Springfield's current and future health depends on strong, effective leadership at many levels.
  • We believe that the next generation of Springfield leaders should be developed and encouraged.
  • We believe Leadership Springfield should be an independent, non-partisan, non-aligned entity that always serves in Springfield's best interest.
  • We believe Leadership Springfield should conduct horizon scanning to constantly look to he future and position itself to best serve Springfield.
  • We believe Leadership Springfield has an obligation to explore, and expose its alumni to a variety of social, economic, and political issues and leaders.