The Academy Committee develops and presents a leadership program for high school students who attend the Springfield R-12 high schools or high schools located within the Springfield city limits. If the student changes schools following the retreat, he/she may continue to participate in the program.

Signature Class Committee

The Signature Class Committee prepares recommendations on all facets of the Leadership Class program, including retreat program content, program subjects and other areas of interest based on evaluations of the retreats, program days, facilitator performance and participant input.

Principals of Leadership Committee

Provide logistical support and guidance regarding the Principals of Leadership class including retreats, program days and other strategic issues.

Communications/Public Relations Committee

The Communications Committee works to inform the community and alumni of the programs and projects of the corporation.

Alumni Engagement Committee

The Membership Development Committee works to place alumni on boards in the community and to help alumni become involved in leadership roles in the area.  This committee also provides continuing education opportunities for alums where they can network with their peers, and stay informed about the latest trends in leadership development.

Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee

The Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee is responsible for soliciting sponsorship's, reviewing sponsorship requests, forwarding recommendations to the full board of directors, ensuring sponsors are appropriately recognized for their contributions, and recommending sponsorship fee level adjustments as appropriate.

Curriculum/Evaluation Committee

Develop leadership learning outcomes and curriculum to ensure consistent delivery across all Leadership Springfield programs.  Creates evaluation tools to support all facets of the Leadership Springfield organization. 

Impact Springfield Committee

Recently, Leadership Springfield has taken some exciting new steps to help to take a bigger role in Impacting the community.  We have formed a Leadership Needs Committee which is making recommendations to expand programming in order to deliver more leaders to impact the community.  We are looking for ways to tap into this energy left after graduation so that we can direct leadership resources to where they are needed most.  We have spent time with the Community Focus Report as well as scanning other civic and community-based leadership programs for best practices and we have some exciting recommendations coming up that will increase and focus our ability to Impact our community.