Leadership Springfield Signature Class Day takes an Unusual Turn

Posted by: Bridget Lovelle on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 5:32:00 pm

For the first time ever, the normal “healthcare” Leadership Springfield signature class day in March wasn’t the usual visits to local healthcare facilities.  Instead, the full day was focused on poverty in Springfield.

The first speaker of the day was Jon Mooney of the Healthy Living Alliance.  He gave the class descriptions of the initiatives they are working on right now in the community.  The group then toured Integrity Pharmacy and learned about the businesses new approach to medication management.  They don't fill prescriptions in bottles, but in daily packs that are timed to ensure patients are taking the right medication at the right time.   The next stop was the grocery store where the day’s leaders gave classmates the challenge of creating several meals on a typical budget of a family in poverty. Each team of four had a real family case study and only $25 to $30 to shop. Their goal was to feed that family for seven meals on that amount of money. We then donated all of the food purchased to specific families.  

Later that afternoon, the class listened to a panel discussion about healthcare trends. Panelists ranged from David Raney, VP at Cox to Dr. Matt Greene of Ascent Direct Primary Care, a type of concierge physician practice. Classmates say “the contrast between the two methods of practicing medicine made for some stimulating conversation.”  Lift Up Springfield, a non-profit clinic in North Springfield, led by Dr. Tricia Degeres was the next stop. She provides primary care and dental care at no charge for the underserved population of Springfield and southwest Missouri. Lastly, the class took a look at mental health during a panel discussion with folks from Burrell Health and Cox North.   Several classmates say that might have been the most interesting part of the day, because all the class had to take a mental health exam.  (all results will remain private.. we think…)




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