Next generation of Leadership

Posted by: Mike Brothers on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 11:44:00 am

Once again, the next generation of leaders are getting a chance to see their hometown in fresh ways through Academy Class 27. Check out the initial reactions from participants Alec Horton and Meredith Montgomery. We would also like to thank the Springfield Public Schools Online Office for making it possible for all students who participate to earn an elective credit for their transcript! We’re really excited that after 26 years we are continuing to find new ways to make this program even more relevant for our future leaders. 

Alec Horton, New Covenant Academy 

I always enjoy an opportunity to engage with students who are high achievers and leaders in their communities. When a group of great minds works together as a team, wonderful things happen.  I look forward to planning a whole day for my peers to learn and have a great time together through Springfield Leadership Academy  I expect to expand my knowledge of business and government through panels with professionals, and hope to spread the word of this amazing program throughout my district."

 And my Strengths test results were so accurate; I could not have thought of a better combination to describe me: Individualization, Relator, Analytical, Strategic, and Achiever.

Meredith Montgomery, Greenwood Laboratory School 

I am so honored to have been selected to be part of the 27th Leadership Springfield Academy Class. I am really looking forward to meeting new students whom I share similar goals with and who are also excited to learn more about our community. I am also excited to establish connections with leaders in our community and learn more about their journey to success. I am most excited for the Life 101 retreat day where the class will travel around Springfield, exploring different opportunities available for recreational purposes, that can have lasting impacts on our lives.


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