Remember planning your first program day?

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There is always an element of excitement and apprehension that comes to planning your program day – especially if you are part of the team that goes first! The program day planning team for “Springfield Our Community” set the bar incredibly high this year. The team consisted of Weston Kissee, Jennifer Ashley, David Taylor, Jon Mooney & Linda Ramey-Greiwe and they clicked from the start!

David Taylor shared these thoughts as he summed up the planning experience:

“Being the first, no doubt we felt pressure simply from the time frame in which this had to be pulled together. We began meeting the first Monday following our initial retreat in Branson. This subsequently led to 6 straight Monday morning meetings at 7:30 a.m. at Classic Rock Coffee. Each meeting lasted about an hour, with scattered emails sent throughout the week. It was fascinating to watch how the various abilities/interests of each member came together. It became apparent are skill sets really complemented one another and we able to blend these quite well. This was a fantastic team.”

Class member Jennifer Ashley shares:

“It was an honor to work with and get to know my wonderful planning team. During our first planning meeting our thoughts, plans, and ideas were all pretty scattered. The task of planning a meaningful program day, without really knowing what that looked like, seemed daunting. However, we quickly fell into a good rhythm with each member using their particular strengths. The day began to take shape and even when we hit a roadblock, it seemed to only send us down a better path. In the end, it was stressful, hard work, and incredibly rewarding. The best part of the ‘behind the scenes’ was experiencing the support and generosity of our community. Community leaders were eager to participate, businesses generously sponsored us, and even more businesses graciously opened their doors to host us. Leadership Springfield’s distinguished reputation proceeded us wherever we went and I feel blessed to be part of such a great organization.”

And here are some reflections and takeaways from their classmates after the day was over:

“Resources aren't readily accessible for those who need it the most.”

“Hearing from real people about the daily struggles they face with access to housing and transportation was powerful.”

“There was a disconnect hearing of how some companies need employees, some in people poverty need jobs. What support system do we need to implement to solve these parallel     problems?”

“This program day challenged some to figure out ‘your lane’ and develop that!”

“Passion ignited by a newfound respect for those with facing these struggles daily.”

“Inspire our children to do better and share the things learned today.”

“Moved by the mentorship we saw today and the people committed to helping others.”

“The impact of one person and one idea was really inspiring.”




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