Academy Class Learns about Studying Abroad in College

Posted by: Chris Replogle on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 11:00:00 am


It’s an amazing world out there.
The Academy Class of Leadership Springfield traveled the world during a unique panel for the education program day in October.  The day focused on specific programs of Springfield’s universities.
Three college students gave their perspective on studying abroad. They informed, but also motivated the students to embrace change by studying abroad.
“There was a really big interest in studying abroad,” said Zoe Hancock of Central High School. “A lot of people our age are interested in that.”
The academy juniors learned what the college students though was the most valuable lesson from their time spent studying aboard. The panelists explained that, while it is fun, it is also hard work. But it’s hard work that can be rewarding years later. The panelists shared projects that impacted the communities where they lived and themselves. That made an impact on the Academy Class.
“Studying abroad is something unique to college,” said Alli Reaves of Central High School. “I personally would love to study abroad because I have never been out of the country. To experience other cultures would be amazing.  My peers share that same view point.”
Organizers of the program day believed this panel offered something different to challenge the Leadership Springfield Academy Class. It also offered insight into what college can be for them.
“We were really careful to select what we did during our day for what we thought was the most useful, since we did have a short amount of time,” said Hancock. “Our class asked a lot of questions, getting a lot of meaningful information.”
The next program day, on December 7, is focused on business.


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