A Letter from the President

Posted by: Mike Brothers | Drury University on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 10:00:00 am

Leadership Springfield's expansion to two Signature Classes is off to a fantastic start. As board president, I was fortunate to be able to speak to both Class 33 and Class 34 at their recent Launch Retreats. There are a total of 66 current and future community leaders in the classes who were engaged and energized during their two days together.

Doubling the logistics of this crucial aspect of the Leadership Springfield experience was no small feat; however, it went off with nary a hitch thanks to more than a year of planning and a lot of dedication from our Signature Class committee members and advisors, board members, facilitators, and staff. One especially positive change this year was to actually bring many of the program day advisors to the retreats in Branson to help each group begin planning their particular program day. A huge thank you to all of the advisors and speakers who came down to Branson – many of which made the trip twice.

Beginning with the successful retreats, the 66 class members are beginning the same eye-opening journey that all of you have experienced. The classes are running in parallel right now, and there will be additional opportunities to connect participants across classes later in the year. We will be looking for ways to do things differently when it makes sense this year, even as we work hard to preserve the powerful experience we know has worked so well in the past. It will be a careful balance between continuity and change. I am excited to see where this year is headed!

"Inspire. Develop. Connect. Serve. Leadership Springfield Class 33 began the Launch Retreat as a room full of individual professionals passionate about Springfield and finished the retreat as a group of friends who will collectively make a difference in the community. We studied our individual strengths, learning to utilize our natural abilities, and discovered how to watch for barriers associated with over-utilization of our strengths. We also heard from many community leaders, all contagiously passionate about Springfield, which made us want to collectively worker harder for our community. The Community Focus Report shed light on the blue-ribbon and red-flag highlights of Springfield and offered time for each individual to reflect upon issues important to them. Small groups were then formed and excitement buzzed throughout the room as each group instantaneously jumped into solving Springfield red-flag issues and planning program days. The retreat that we anxiously anticipated was over in a flash and we are now left to patiently await the arrival of our first program day – the day when we take the next step in our journey." - Keith Seiwert, CPA with KPM CPAs & Advisors. 


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