Alumni Event: New Year, New You

Posted by: Mandy Anthes on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 10:00:00 am

The Leadership Springfield Alumni Engagement Committee was excited to kick off the year with the ‘New Year, New You’ workshop. There were more than 30 alumni present for this half-day workshop, which provided attendees tools and resources to help them navigate a successful and productive 2018.

After Linda Ramey-Greiwe of Care to Learn and Andrea Brady kicked things off, Doug Pitt, spoke to the group about how he has used goals and planning to ensure his success as a business professional and community activist.

Brett Baker from TrustPoint-Sandler Training then took the reins to teach attendees about the importance of the up-front contract! This tool allows both people in a meeting, conversation, or even in a relationship, to know exactly what is going to happen and what is expected. Any concerns are brought up first so that neither party is surprised at what may come up in an important conversation.

Bev Baker (also with TrustPoint-Sandler Training) finished the workshop by taking us through tips for personal development. She discussed the importance of separating your individual self from the many roles you have in life (mother, dad, brother, sister, daughter, co-worker, board member, caregiver, etc).  She spoke on how our role(s) in life, with the successes or failures, do not define us as individuals.

She taught us to not get caught up in “head trash” – noting that we can be our own worst enemies. Your clear voice should be the loudest voice in your head. She also suggested to go outside your comfort zone every day.

The room was set up with the audience seated in small groups, allowing us to engage in deeper discussions with a partner and talk about what we were learning. For example, when would an up-front contract have been beneficial, or how could we utilize that process in a meeting or discussion to dive deeper into what we wanted the outcome to be?

The Alumni Engagement Committee was thrilled to bring this great workshop to the alumni of Leadership Springfield! Be sure to watch your email/social media to learn more about other great learning opportunities throughout the year.


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