A message about the future of Leadership Springfield

Posted by: Mike Brothers on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 7:00:00 am

For the last several years, Leadership Springfield has been growing and evolving in order to meet our mission to inspire, develop, and connect local leaders. We’ve launched the Principals of Leadership program in partnership with Springfield Public Schools. We’ve broadened the reach of the Academy program for high school juniors. We’ve refocused our alumni engagement efforts. And last fall, we took a significant step in launching a second Signature Class to meet the huge demand for that program.

We are continually looking at ways in which we can expand the vision of how Leadership Springfield fulfills its mission, and meets the leadership development needs of our community. As leaders in your own right, you know that organizations must constantly evolve in order to remain at the vanguard of their field.

In looking at how we can best fulfill our mission, I’d like to share with you the exciting news about the next big step in our evolution: Leadership Springfield is seeking a full-time executive director to lead and develop further growth of our programming. As a part of this move, Leadership Springfield is transitioning to a fully independent organization after three decades as a proud affiliate program of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. This is a big step – one that we believe will kick-start a new era for the kind of programming we’re able to provide. It’s also a step that has the full support of our partners at the Chamber. No one knows our mission better than our friends at the Chamber and – in the spirit of collaboration that our community is known for – the two organizations are committed to continuing to work together to complement one another in the years ahead.

A news release and job announcement will go out tomorrow morning, but we wanted to share this news with you first. For some further context, I’d like share a quote from Chamber President and CEO Matt Morrow that will be included in tomorrow’s release: 

“This is an incredibly proud day for both the Chamber and Leadership Springfield. While Leadership Springfield has always been a fully separate organization from the Chamber, we’ve had a close operational relationship for decades. The vision of the Leadership Springfield organization and its ever-increasing relevance to the success of our community have built the bridge for it to realize a full transition to operational independence. That trajectory has evolved thoughtfully over a period of years and it is rewarding to see it come to fruition. The shared core values of our organizations will continue, as will our strong partnership to strengthen and equip the civic leaders of today and tomorrow.”   

So, why make this change? Because it will allow us to meet more of the needs that we currently see for community-based professional development, talent retention, and relationship-building across the city and various sectors of economy. Simply put: we feel that hiring the executive director will be a great next step for scaling our programs to continue to inspire, develop and connect leaders in our community. 

The job posting is linked here. We certainly invite you to take a look and share it. We’ll provide updates and key information to you throughout the process as we move forward.

Mike Brothers

President, Leadership Springfield Board of Directors


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