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Leadership Springfield is the premiere program for leadership development in the Ozarks. Leadership Springfield’s programs are designed to give you a deeper understanding of your community – and yourself.  For three decades, we have helped emerging and established leaders take commitment to their community to an entirely new level. We’ve connected more than 1,000 graduates with local opportunities, needs, problems and resources during that time. Will you be next? 


Kenworthy Award Winner 2018

Leadership Springfield Names Dr. Alina Lehnert as 2018 Kenworthy Award Winner

Signature Class
Learn what it means to live in and give back to Springfield
Leadership Academy
Open to high school juniors from area public and private schools
Principals of Leadership
Designed for local principals, in partnership with Springfield Public Schools
Our alumni network is an incredible and invaluable resource

"As a lifetime learner and educator I have had the opportunity to take part in countless professional growth activities throughout my career. However, I can say without doubt, that none have had the impact on both my professional and personal life that Leadership Springfield has had."

Ben Hackenwerth, Class 28

"Being new to Springfield, Leadership Springfield connected me to 32 professionals from different backgrounds in our community.  Through the program, we learned what makes Springfield tick and ways we can work together to ensure it stays a great place to be for generations to come."

Francine Pratt-Class 27

"Leadership Springfield has channeled my personal and professional goals to reflect those of our Community. It has been refreshing to see so many others that have gone through Leadership Springfield, also very driven to see our community be the best place to work, live and play."

Teresa Coyan, Class 27