The Opportunity

Our future community leaders want to make an impact where they live, work and play.

The Solution

The Leadership Springfield Academy Class is a community leadership program established in 1990 to help youth in their junior year discover how to be more engaged citizens and develop as community leaders.

During this nine month program, students explore their strengths, learn about the local community and coordinate monthly program days where they get to see firsthand how leaders work together to structure and influence the community around them. Students will gain project management skills, leadership aptitude and a newfound appreciation for the work that goes into making our community function. 

Students interested in applying must:

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Be a sophomore attending public, private or home school

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Be interested in becoming a leader or furthering their knowledge about leadership

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Have a recommendation form completed

by a high school guidance counselor, faculty member, community leader, or Leadership Springfield alum

Interested in applying?

If you are a sophomore interested in applying to be a part of the Leadership Springfield Academy Class during your junior year, applications are currently closed. Contact if you have any questions or want to be notified when applications for 2022-2023 open. 

The program goals of the academy are:

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To provide exposure to community structure and issues

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To provide interaction between developing leaders and the established leaders of today

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To develop personal skills needed for future roles as leaders

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To emphasize the importance of community service

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To harness the enthusiasm of youth to help solve local problems

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