A new perspective on the impact of Health & Medical Services in our community

Posted by: Mike Brothers on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 1:15:00 pm

Signature Class 32 is quickly closing in on the remaining few program days of the year. Time flies when you’re connecting and having fun. The Health & Medical Services day in February was one of the best yet. Below are a few of the takeaways from the class members. Thanks to our program day sponsor, Mercy, for helping make it happen.


The class members said:


“Lifestyle decisions are huge! Kids model their parents’ behavior. Teaching our kids healthy decisions early makes a huge difference in their future.”


“Impressed that our healthcare/law enforcement/government may not agree on everything, but they collaborate. That doesn’t happen in every community.”


“Fascinated by the lack of a statewide prescription drug database. The opioid epidemic is huge – a 600% increase in opiate addicted babies in 10 years. Impact on crime, mental health issues … what can we do?”


“Loved hearing that readmission rates with pneumonia follow-up visits dropped. They are onto something and it’s working!”


“Frustration with legislators that we are the only state with no monitoring system for prescriptions and the failure to expand Medicaid. This seems to add a lot of pressure. We have solutions that are not being utilized.”


“We need to better educate people of Missouri. So many that don’t understand policies or are misinformed.”


“Concerned that those at hourly jobs who are the demographic most in need of a wellness program likely don’t have access to one, further widening the gap.”


“Eye opener – impressive to see the collaborative setup of the facilities at Jordan Valley Community Health Center.”


“JVCHC made me think of the poverty simulation and transportation vouchers – one location for everything, total care.”


“Health is SO important. When we are healthy, it’s great. When things go wrong, it impacts everything. Frustrating to see the lack of access.” 




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