Leadership Academy Experience

Posted by: Mike Brothers on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 5:00:00 pm

Leadership Springfield Academy just wrapped up its 28th class with a graduation ceremony at the Discovery Center. It was another stellar year as these juniors from various Springfield high schools made great connections, were inspired by what they saw, and were able to develop themselves along the way. In fact, we received a wonderful account about the development of one student from a parent. Here’s what Janeen Scott had to say about her son’s experience:

“Kendrick got so much out of this class. To be honest, we weren't sure exactly what to expect but we encouraged him to apply because we really thought he would enjoy it and get a lot out of it. WOW! He loved this so much. He has always been a fairly confident kid, but this class helped him see his potential and gave him a lot more confidence. He was always commenting on how he enjoyed talking to the different guests and experts in the different fields/businesses and how much it helped him learn how to approach these adults and get information on their area of expertise.

The boost in his confidence really gave him the extra push he needed to want to apply for some different leadership roles at Glendale High School next year. He applied and was chosen for a cabinet position and he was also chosen for a position on the DECA executive board. He is looking forward to attending Missouri Boys State this summer. After being in this class his excitement for leadership has just been off the charts. He got the confidence he needed to take the next steps in his journey. As his parents we of course see this and have been watching this growth throughout the class. Our family feels very blessed that Kendrick had this opportunity. Please thank the Chamber, SPS and everyone who is involved in this program.”


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