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As we close the end of our program year this month, we say bon voyage to some truly amazing individuals who have served on our Board of Directors and have come to the end of their term. I am grateful for each one of these hard-working and dedicated leaders, who have volunteered their time to lead the organization during a time of growth and change. While we will invite them all back to be recognized publicly at our rescheduled One Big Class Reunion later this year, we want to thank them for their service. These seven people have shaped the future of the organization, using their unique strengths to make the organization and the community better because of their investment of time, energy and resources. Many thanks to these outgoing Board members.




Andrea Brady

Great Southern Bank

Signature Class 25

Favorite memory of serving on the Board?

I do really enjoy the memory of when we developed two Signature classes!  It was a huge accomplishment and I am so glad we were able to make it happen and put more community-minded people through the program!

Why did you choose board membership with Leadership Springfield?

When I was asked, it was an easy “yes”.  I enjoyed the program so much, it was exciting and rewarding to be part of the Board of Directors.




Mike Brothers

Drury University

Signature Class 28

Decision that made the biggest impact?

No question, it was the decision to spin off the organization into a fully independent nonprofit. A big step that I am not afraid to say cost me some sleep at the time. The insight and vision of my fellow board members and the incredible expertise and energy of our staff have proven that this was certainly the right move for the organization and for the community in the end.

Why did you choose board membership with Leadership Springfield?

I was asked as an outgoing class member in 2013. I was flattered and honored to be asked and wasn’t sure I would even have much to contribute, but I couldn’t say no! There’s no way I could have imagined how involved I would become or the issues that we would face. It turns out I did have something to contribute after all. I most enjoyed two things: 1 – honing my own skills as a board member (financial literacy, navigating group dynamics, community relations, knowing what questions to ask and when) and 2 – simply making new friends and professional contacts that I will keep for a long time to come.  Looking back, I’ve learned a lot more than I ever thought I would from this experience. I thought I would be “giving back” and offering something to the organization by serving on the board. That was certainly one outcome, but I also grew and gained new skills and insights along the way. It’s been a lot of volunteer work, but in the end, I will miss it! This is a great organization and I’ve just been honored to be a part of it.




Katie Davis

Dream Big Consulting, LLC

Signature Class 26

Favorite memory of serving on the Board?

We lovingly refer to it as the discussion on Pam Holt’s couch, but basically it boils down to being a part of a sub-committee whose sole purpose was to dream big for Leadership Springfield.  We met at a committee member’s house (Pam Holt) and projected a computer screen on to her television where we listed out all of the possibilities for Leadership Springfield in the future…we then narrowed it down to how we could fund that kind of growth and what resources (financially and people) we would need to make it happen.  It was an exciting time full of possibilities – you could feel a tremendous amount of energy in the room.

Serving on the Leadership Springfield board has been an exceptional experience.  It was everything I could have ever wanted in a board position.  I grew tremendously from this experience professionally and have created some bonds with fellow board members that will last a lifetime.  I also enjoyed watching Carrie grow within her role and fill the giant shoes we provided for her.  I am so proud of the organization and where it is headed in the future!  I look forward to cheering you on from the sidelines.

Decision that made the biggest impact?

I may be a little bit bias, but for me, it was implementing the Great Game of Business with the board.  I had never done it without employees and just the financial literacy piece alone for the board was worth it.  We went from copying and pasting the budget year after year, to doing a monthly forecast and 5 year pro-forma.  We are stronger, more knowledgeable, and more engaged because of it.



Ben Hackenwerth

Springfield Public Schools

Signature Class 28


Favorite memory of serving on the Board?

I appreciated the opportunity to work alongside a group of people so passionate about improving this organization and our community as a whole.

What do you think Leadership Springfield does well?

Educate and facilitate.  The organization understands how to facilitate a variety of experiences that educate local leaders to everything that Springfield has to offer. The deep understanding gained from Leadership Springfield experiences allows alumni to develop strategies to continue to improve our community.




Caitlin Kissee


Signature Class 28

Favorite memory of serving on the Board?

One of my favorite memories was from early on in my time on the Board when I was able to help lead planning efforts to celebrate Leadership Springfield’s 30th anniversary. That event has known evolved into the annual One Big Class Reunion event, so it’s fun to see how it’s lasted.

Impact of the Board decision to become an independent organization?

It felt monumental as we both acknowledged the partnerships that had gotten us where we were and the promise of where we could now go in the future.

What do you think Leadership Springfield does well?

Leadership Springfield teaches community leadership very well. Curriculum-wise, we have found our niche in equipping leaders to serve and meet the needs of our community in a way that’s uniquely Leadership Springfield. As the landscape of our community (and world) shifts, I’d encourage all community leaders to constantly reevaluate where their talents are needed. As the landscape changes, so must its leaders!




Michael Miller

Mid-Missouri Bank

Signature Class 31

Favorite memory of serving on the Board?

Getting to shoot archery at the board retreat a couple of years ago.

Why did you choose board membership with Leadership Springfield?

I really enjoyed my Signature Class experience and the good friends I made from being in the class. I wanted to contribute to the operation of the organization and ensure others would have the same opportunity. I enjoyed the Mission Moment at each meeting. Hearing other people’s experiences through the program was fun.




Hallie Sale

Mitchum Jewelers

Signature Class 32

Why did you choose board membership with Leadership Springfield?

After participating in Class 32, I was so excited about my experience throughout the year that I wanted the opportunity to continue with the organization. I wanted to help bring the experience of Leadership Springfield to more people in our community to help create more informed leaders.

Plans going forward?

With my new career path, I do not have the flexibility to participate with Leadership Springfield as a board member but I am still passionate about the organization. I would love for everyone to have a memorable experience as I did. The opportunity to build lifelong friendships with your classmates and learn about the multitude of ways to get involved in our community is priceless. I will always continue to encourage people to apply for Leadership Springfield!


We celebrate these seven leaders and their commitment to the community and positively shaping Springfield’s future. Thank you!

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