About Rosie

About Rosie

Rosie helps support, assist and serve as an advocate network for women who are current and prospective founders, business owners, and leaders in the Springfield region. 

Rosie was launched in November 2016 as the brainchild of Rachel Anderson and Paige Oxendine, with assistance from the Women’s Foundation, and began as a program of the efactory. In December 2022, Rosie became a program of Leadership Springfield! Learn more about the transition here.

Rosie is free and open to everyone. As a part of Rosie, you will be connected to an advocate and mentorship network (over 1,000 people!), business and professional development resources, events, board training, and more. Become a part of the Rosie network by signing up for the newsletter. You can also request to join the Rosie Facebook group here. Brosies are welcome to sign up too!

What Rosie Is & Isn't

What Rosie Is

  • Network of local women committed to helping you with your goals – join a board, start a business, land a new job, etc.
  • Introductions
  • Support and advocacy system
  • Speaker & board member referral pipeline for women
  • Behind the scenes
  • The “magic” people think just happens 

What Rosie Isn’t

  • Dues-based membership
  • A group that has requirements to participate
  • A sales or leads group
  • Another standing monthly meeting
  • Events where you see/talk to the same five people you already know