Communications and Technology Refelctions from Signature Class 31

Posted by: Unknown on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 10:39:00 am

Communications and Technology, this program day planning team really stepped up their game by incorporating technology and interaction throughout the day, with some takeaways that will help give Class 31 skills in managing communication and technology messaging in a mindful way. From a tour of the Newsleader and KY3/KSPR studios to hearing how social media and communication have launched Mother's Brewing Company on the map-- and in the World Series, Class 31 has a newfound appreciation for the many details and relationships that make Springfield a very connected community.

With the ever growing presence of social media, breaking news can happen at any moment, how can anyone keep up with this?  Our rockstar panel including: Don Louzader, the KTTS news Director; Melinda Arnold, the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for The Dickerson Park Zoo and Paul Berry, Executive Director for the Newsleader.  Jenny Turner shared her takeaway reflecting on how important it is to  "Control your organization's information in the media by building relationships NOW and by sharing your stories - good, bad, or ugly."  Genny Maroc echoed Jenny's thoughts by reflecting that "This was a fantastic day! I learned so much. I would say, if there is something going on, get out ahead of the story so that your organization can tell your story in the most favorable light. It is going to get out one way or another. Also, get the word out as soon as possible in digital.  Build relationships so that when something happens you are able to call the media since they know you, and they'll be able to help you share your  story."

Behind the scenes info at City Utilities and Bluebird Underground informed us of the many offerings available to make the Springfield Area a very attractive and in many cases, amore affordable option when companies are looking at relocation options. Jamie McDonald, BKD, LLC. left us tiwh this great thought that sums it up really well:  "Springfield is ahead of the curve as far as technology goes. This is an advantage and we shouldn't take it for granted!"







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