Arvest Bank encourages Leadership Springfield Graduates & alumni to dream big about Springfield!

Posted by: Brad Crain on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 2:00:00 pm

Arvest Bank is proud to support the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Springfield’s One Big Class Reunion. Leadership Springfield is designed to strengthen our local community and economy by developing leaders who are deeply involved in, committed to and knowledgeable about this great community. And those qualities align seamlessly with how Arvest approaches banking.

 We don’t just open bank branches in communities. We build locally-controlled community banks with local boards and local decision-making authority. While it may not be the most efficient way to approach banking, we know that it is the best way to serve our customers and our communities. We understand that the relationship between a community, its business sector and its citizens is a symbiotic circle. Healthy communities are only as strong as their businesses, and healthy businesses supply the community with engaged and committed individuals who become community leaders. And as these leaders step forward, they help shape the community for all its residents. And the circle continues.

We congratulate the current and past graduates of Leadership Springfield and encourage them to dream big about Springfield and what is possible as they reunite. We support your efforts and applaud your commitment.


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